Feng Shui means simply Wind and Water.

Feng Shui is an old Chinese culture about harmony and balance and placement of furniture and items to bring health,wealth and happiness into your life.To share my knowledge of Feng Shui.
All the time I need something to cling to or hope for. I think most of us do.

Feng Shui is not really the 'end all' of everything. It's no good placing a green plant here, a wind chime there and expecting all your dreams to come true.What we should try and do and realise is that if we get our homes and working spaces in some sort of order our minds will be also.

And you need to focus on bettering your life to.Stand at your front door and look around you. What's opposite? Perhaps you have a church steeple or hospital. The steeple is throwing what's called 'poisoned arrows' at you.Hospitals are very Yin.Death occurs here.

To offset these arrows you will need to fix a 'Pah Kwa' just above the centre of your front door. This, with it's domed mirror in the middle will deflect any bad arrows.

As I said earlier, you don't have to believe in Feng Shui for it to work it's magic but you do have to believe in yourself.

Three years ago I had never heard of Feng Shui (pronounced Feng Shway) now, I couldn't do without it.

I had picked up a book from somewhere and got absolutely hooked. However, I did not quite understand at first about the directions and I completely overturned my life in my first attempt. I'm lucky enough to have my own office at work and it was there I tried everything out.

My life went into upheavel.

It wasn't until I acquired another book, one easier to understand, that I realised I had placed everything in the wrong place.I went round and put everything in the right place and gradually my life started to take on some order.
Slowly things improved.

The moral here is, if you don't have any problems in your life and you are happy then don't change anything. In other words, if it's not broke don't  mend it. But if you are like me and millions of other people there are always areas of your life you would like to improve. It might be your love life or family relationships or maybe your career or finances. There is a special place you can concentrate on all these matters.

The basics of Feng Shui originated from the book of 'I CHING' which means Book of Changes.
It all started many thousands of years ago with an Emperor sitting by a lake and he watched as a tortoise climbed out of the water. The Emperor noticed that the tortoise had markings on his back and they were numbers.When he realized no matter which way he counted the numbers, either across, diagonal or down they would add to the same number of 15. This is now called the magic square.The Emperor along with his sons and their sons and for many generations passed whilst the book was written and called 'I CHING' and it came to pass that the great Chinese armies would not make a decision without consulting the 'I CHING', and probably won many wars with it's help.

Now, Feng Shui is all about Balance & Harmony.
Light and Dark. Everything and it's opposite. Yin & Yang. Yin is dark,female, Yang is light, Male.

If this is all getting a bit heavy for you let's go straight to some useful tips.

First you will need to acquire a compass. Stand just inside your front door looking out. Look at where the needle is pointing and make a note.Perhaps your house/flat is South facing or maybe North. You will need to know this which I will explain at a later date. Now go to your lounge and stand in the centre of the room. Look around you and note what shape the room is. Is it square, oblong or perhaps it's L shaped.
If it's L shaped this will mean you have missing corners. For instance, let's
say your South West corner has a high door. This could mean there is a gap in your romance needing to be filled.
Perhaps you would like to help your finances. You would need to activate your SouthEast corner. To do you might like to place a lush green plant for this is the corner of green wood which represents growth. Plants need water to grow don't they? so place a aquarium here for really good fortune.