Although I have already mentioned this I thought it would be handy to have some definite guidelines.

The wealth corner is in the South East. Its element is big wood and colour green. Think about it. Green money, growth! What do you do to produce growth. You water it. So if you place lush green plants here, then introduce the water element.

An aquarium is one of the best objects to place here. Itís a living-breathing thing and will greatly enhance this corner.

You can also place vases of flowers and pictures of green growing trees

or plants.

On my hall table by the door I have a 3 legged toad with a Chinese coin placed in his mouth. He is supposed to be very lucky and he must be pointed towards the door so his luck can follow you.

Some say to turn him around when you come in and take the coin from his mouth so as not to drain his strength. It's up to you.

Try it, be lucky.