Something I really must stress is the fact that I am not a Master of Feng Shui. There is much about the subject I do not know. I want to share a very simple knowledge of Feng Shui with you.

As I said before Feng Shui is not a religion.For many it is just a way of life, their culture. They were brought up on it.

I feel very priveliged to have stumbled across it. 

A lot of it is just common sense.You paint a room all black it's going to be dark and depressing. If there's junk and clutter everywhere you are going to fall over it.

Having said all that I really feel there's also some magic attached to it. Yes! I did say magic. You take that dark black room and you add some white and then some colour and you clean and tidy up the clutter. All of a sudden you start feeling good and your body starts releasing happy new cells and if you feel good then good things start to happen.



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