Introducing Feng Shui to your garden can really enhance it. In my garden I always try to avoid too many straight lines. My garden beds are curved and you will not find any sharp corners here.

To encourage wealth I have placed a water feature in the South East. Consider planting red flowers in the South to encourage a good social life.
You could plant bamboo in the East for good health.

Garden photo of a previous house

This photo was taken at night, hence the quality.
Here I have used a very inexpensive, very large plastic pot without holes.
I put in a couple of oxygenating plants inside, a miniature water lily and even introduced a couple of small goldfish, which lived very happily I may add.
I pushed into the ground around the pot pieces of large bamboo and dug around base and placed cobbles around that.
I really enjoyed doing that project.

Again, garden photo taken of the previous house.
I built that pond myself which I will explain how in future entries.
But note, everything I did was on a curve if possible.

You don't have to spend lots of money to have a wonderful display. Here in England we have £1 shops. America probably has the same type of thing.
I bought some packets of mixed seeds, Perennials, flowers that come up every year
and had the most beautiful display last year. This year they are all appearing again. Was the best £2 I have spent and received so much pleasure.