An easy way to assess the Chi in your home is just by walking around and looking. Is there a dark corner? Chi will stagnate here. Is the furniture flat along the walls? Chi will flow too quickly. Try to arrange the furniture in a octagonal shape.
Is the room too dark, too bright? Feng Shui is all about harmony and balance. If the room is too bright it will be more Yang.You could feel restless here. Try to balance everywhere with some dark, some light.Look at the symbol below. Perfect balance. Although of course a black and white room could be a bit dull so you need to introduce some colour. Nature is full of colour. The symbol represents opposites, light and dark, Yin & Yang. If a room is very Yin (dark) then introduce more lighting, play music and mirrors are a great way to bring in more light. I have a round mirrored globe(The type you see in nightclubs) hanging in the middle of the front window and on a sunny day it sheds hundreds of pretty rainbows around the room.

Was that a cobweb in the corner? Get rid of it! Trust your sixth sense. If it don't feel right, change it,clean it or throw it out. overhead beams will press down on you. A good 'cure'for this is two bamboo flutes hanginging at 45degrees to represent the pa kua shape.

Before I got into Feng Shui I had a square table in my kitchen. I was always knocking myself on the corners. Since I bought a round one I feel so much better and no more bruises!

Cover sharp corners on furniture with a plant for good chi.


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